Sodium chlorate is a powerful oxidizing agent with many uses. As the world-leading producer, we can supply our customers with a reliable and sustainable source of sodium chlorate.

From production facilities in Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Finland, Sweden and USA, we package and ship sodium chlorate, under the brand name Eka SC. We can deliver both crystal and liquid form, in bulk (railcars and tanker trucks), drums and sacks. Our excellent, global logistic capabilities include transportation by road, rail, sea or air (sample quantities only) according to specific packaging, vehicle and documentation requirements. Sodium chlorate is produced through electrolysis of a brine solution; in other words, applying electricity to a volume of concentrated saltwater. In crystalline form, sodium chlorate is white to off-white; as a liquid, it is clear and odorless.


Over 90% of all sodium chlorate produced worldwide is used by the pulp and paper industry to generate chlorine dioxide – the critical component in elemental chlorine-free (ECF) pulp bleaching. Other common industrial applications for sodium chlorate include the surface treatment of metals and cupric chloride-etch regeneration in the electronics and automotive industries and as a source of oxygen in other applications. Learn more.


Sodium chlorate is relatively easy to handle in both crystal and liquid form. It is classified as dangerous goods, therefore it is important to have knowledge about its properties and handle it according to instructions set up for the operation. Click here for more safety and handling information.


We are continuously trying to improve the eco-efficiency of Eka SC production by optimizing our individual plant processes and resource usage; whenever and wherever possible, we use renewable energy sources.

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