With more than forty years of experience in the pulp and paper industry, we help our customers achieve their business goals in ways no one else can. We are both the leading global supplier of bleaching chemicals and a trusted partner for customized pulp bleaching technologies and services.

Eka HP

Produced in a sutainable and resource-efficient manner.


Chemical Island

How do you make vast quantities of paper make sustainable sense?


Eka SC

The leading provider of sodium chlorate (NaCIO3) globally


Specialty oxidants

Oxidizers bringing significant advantages to our customers' operations.


Eka CIO2

Effective elemental chlorine-free pulp bleaching.


Product groups Characteristics Main applications
Eka HP The pulp and paper and textile industries use hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent.
Eka SC Eka SC (sodium chlorate) is essential to environmentally compatible paper pulp bleaching. It is the functional ingredient in the generation of chlorine dioxide.
Eka ClO2 Chlorine Dioxide Effective elemental chlorine-free pulp bleaching
Chemical Island A partnership for complex chemical plant projects

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