Our experts will help you optimize your pulp bleaching process and keep your chlorine dioxide plant running at peak performance, while minimizing unplanned downtime.

We offer customer-specific training for optimizing your pulp bleaching process and maximizing your chlorine dioxide plant efficiency. Typical attendees are plant operators, process engineers and shift foremen, but all pulp mill employees will benefit from participating in a class.
Our team brings in-depth knowledge of kraft, mechanical and sulfite pulp bleaching and associated processes to your mill. Using a wide range of real-world information/material, we will sharpen the skills of your pulp mill personnel and operators so they perform at their best. From our training, they will learn to evaluate, troubleshoot and optimize your own processes.

Typical training session topics:

  • Bleach plant sequence optimization
  • Process variables and effects on pulp properties
  • Troubleshooting pulp quality issues
  • Bleach plant washer optimization strategies for improving quality and chemical/energy use
  • Operating parameters and variance for chlorine dioxide plants
  • Chemical unloading, storage, and handling best practice for chlorine dioxide plants
  • Instrumentation and interlocks
  • Salt cake filter operations

We can also provide on-site, hands-on training and support to you and your chlorine dioxide plant personnel. Our over forty years of experience truly set us apart from our competition. We can train your personnel to optimize your chlorine dioxide plant production in a safe manner, and in accordance with current, local regulatory requirements.

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