Researching and developing our products and production process efficiencies is integral to our and your success. We focus on improving our process technology, maximizing energy and raw material use, as well as finding new applications for our chemicals and byproducts.

Ultimately, we want our customers to be more sustainable across the entire value chain. This means we are constantly working with our customers striving to satisfy increasingly tighter environmental requirements. We can achieve this in several ways: improving current bleaching technologies, providing bleaching technical expertise and finding new uses for existing products and technologies.
Our staff in our R&D center in Bohus, Sweden, is primarily focused on bleaching chemicals and bleaching processes. At this center, conditions at pulp mills can be simulated on a laboratory scale. Using simulation results, in combination with physical plant inspections, we can improve process efficiency and energy use.

Other R&D activities include:

  • New uses for existing oxidizing/bleaching chemicals such as NOx abatement
  • Bleaching of different materials outside the pulp and paper segment
  • Studies focused on the potential uses of existing oxidizing/bleaching chemicals in pharmaceutical applications, e.g the use of hydrogen peroxide in fish farms
  • The biorefinery initiative, which explores new applications for our existing oxidizing/bleaching chemicals such as biomass conversion processes and equipment as well as production of bio-based materials, chemicals or fuels from lignocelluloses
  • Improvements in our manufacturing processes in order to optimize with respect to cost, quality and sustainability. The primary focus is directed towards energy savings in the chlorate manufacturing process.

Research collaborations

We drive innovation through close cooperation with leading universities, scientists, institutes and our customers. Some of our published work towards the pulp industry can be found among our research publications and white papers.

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