You can rely on our experts for improving and optimizing your pulp bleaching processes. We offer world-class pulp services in everything from evaluation, simulation and optimization to training and troubleshooting.

Wood and non-wood pulp are produced using several different processes, which include both mechanical and chemical methods. A combination of these methods and thermal treatment is often employed to separate raw wood fibers and produce usable pulp. Each of these methods has an associated bleaching process for decreasing the color of the pulp, making it brighter and whiter. Due to an adverse environmental effect, elemental chlorine-free (ECF) bleaching using chlorine dioxide and totally chlorine-free (TCF) bleaching using hydrogen peroxide or ozone are preferable alternatives to elemental chlorine bleaching. ECF bleaching is the worldwide bleaching standard despite TCF being 100% chlorine free. As a core component of Best Available Technique (BAT) for production of pulp, paper and board, ECF bleaching will likely continue to dominate.
For over four decades, we have helped the industry navigate the changing landscape of bleaching technologies. We can help you improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your bleaching processes in a number of ways (Bleaching Services):

Benchmarking and evaluation

  • Test pulp and filtrate samples, and collect operational data
  • Evaluate procedures, equipment, and chemicals used for pulp testing


  • Analyze and propose cost-saving measures and/or solve specific problems
  • Provide optimum pH range for a specific bleaching stage based on on-site laboratory study
  • Measure, analyze and recommend washer improvements compared to industry standards
  • Determine the optimum balance between energy and chemical process parameters by taking measurements and analyzing pulp samples


  • Eka BleachSim
  • Eka Bleach Plant Flow models

Training and emergency troubleshooting

  • Administer customer-specific bleach plant operation training sessions
  • Provide short-notice assistance (usually within 24 hours) for any bleaching-related problem

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