We offer flexible service programs and rates to meet all your chlorine dioxide production and maintenance needs. Let us improve the efficiency and output of your chlorine dioxide plant. We offer world-class chlorine dioxide plant services ranging from optimization, inspection and troubleshooting to training and performance improvements.

For more than 40 years, our engineering experts have designed, built, rebuilt, handled spare parts and operated chlorine dioxide (ClO2) plants and applications, using both vacuum and atmospheric processes. This experience allows us to provide you with all levels of support from mechanical and process engineering to training and optimization.
We realize you are under ever-increasing pressure to control costs, increase production, and maximize your resources. As the largest provider of sodium chlorate, we too have a vested interest in chlorine dioxide and wish to help you.

Our service offer includes:


  • Measure and calculate the yield on sodium chlorate, reducing agent and acid
  • Capacity test
  • Analysis of possible bottlenecks
  • Perform air and sewer emission investigations

Process inspection, safety and troubleshooting

  • Perform inspection at the annual shutdown, checking all critical equipment
  • Participate in safety issues at the chlorine dioxide plant
  • Troubleshoot on site and find process/production limitations


  • Perform operator training
  • Maintain safety training certifications
  • Train personnel in critical analysis of their own processes

Storage system

  • Inspect and recommend material storage options

Equipment and spare parts

  • Design, purchase and install new equipment
  • Order and deliver spare parts

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