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Sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide are versatile chemicals with other important uses besides pulp bleaching. Sodium chlorate is often employed as a metal surface treatment in the electronics and automotive industries. Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used in water purification, general and hard surface disinfection and fish farming applications.

Sodium chlorate (Eka SC)

Sodium chlorate is a strong oxidizing agent that is readily soluble in water. It is the preferred intermediate for sodium perchlorate and sodium chlorite manufacture and an effective defoliant/desiccant for agricultural industry applications. 

Brochure - Sodium Chlorate - specialty applications

Other commercial uses:

  • Uranium and vanadium extraction
  • Surface treatment of electronic and automotive metals 
  • Breathing apparatus and oxygen candles

Hydrogen peroxide (Eka HP)

Thanks to its low toxicity and ease of handling, hydrogen peroxide has become an important and widely used industrial oxidant. The main uses of hydrogen peroxide outside pulp bleaching are water treatment and food disinfection. 

Brochure - Hydrogen Peroxide - specialty applications

Other commercial uses:

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