Innovation is part of our DNA. After all, one of our founding fathers was Alfred Nobel - the brain behind the Nobel Prize. 

Never ending ambition

Emphasis is on developing sustainable chemistry and business concepts that respond to our customers' needs, strengthen their businesses and decrease environmental impact. However, we also see it as most important to develop more efficient, less energy-intensive processes to produce chemicals. To stay in the forefront, we cooperate closely with leading universities, scientists and institutes. Our research, development and innovation investment equals around 2% of our sales revenue each year. Two-thirds is invested in projects that aim to make our products and processes more sustainable. All new products are measured against our sustainability goals (Eco-premium solutions) early in the development process to ensure that they exceed existing solutions.

Innovations for cost-efficient bleaching

Besides developing chemical applications for efficient, cost-effective pulp production, we also implement new business models to help make pulp mills more profitable and sustainable. Our Chemical Island facilities are located next to our customers' sites and are powered by electricity generated from biomass. At these Chemical Islands, we manufacture and supply sodium chlorate and chlorine dioxide along with managing all logistical details for chemicals required for pulp mill operation.